3 New PSIvet Services that will positively impact your hospital’s productivity!

ACT Online Training - The Leading Online Training System for Veterinary Teams

ACT Online Training is the industry leader in online video training for all members of your veterinary team to develop their technical and communication skills. With over 800 videos presented by specialists and industry leaders, ACT Online Training is the ideal solution to implement an easy-to-use training program that simplifies training efforts and increases practice productivity through a well-trained team.

Stay connected to your practice, anytime, anywhere.

A healthy practice is the result of sound leadership, regular monitoring of key metrics, and listening to feedback from clients. Animal Care Technologies has created the PracticeCheck mobile app for just that purpose. The app displays real-time metrics from your practice management system (Revenue, Average Client Transaction, new clients, etc.) along with feedback and comments from clients that have recently been in your hospital. Make sound leadership decisions with the PracticeCheck app at your side anywhere, anytime

RSVP: Relief Services for Veterinary Practitioners

RSVP is pleased to announce that we are offering premier staffing services for PSIvet members in the southeast regions of the United States. RSVP has been the industry-leading staffing solution since 1992 and has covered over 250,000 relief shifts and permanent placement needs.

We are offering temporary and permanent placement services for PSIvet members through our online portal on our dedicated PSIvet member page ReliefVet.com/PSIvet. Members are sure to get the premium RSVP experience where they will have the needs of their clinic carefully assessed, the perfect solution found, and the best experience possible.